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3 Ways To Develop Functional Speed For Optimal Athleticism

3 Ways to Develop Functional Speed For Optimal Athleticism

  1. Are you an athlete looking to develop functional speed for your sport or competitive event? 
  2. Are you interested in learning a new way to condition your body for your HIIT workouts? 
  3. Are you looking to build speed while also learning how to build an athletic body? 
  4. Are you interested in enhancing your reaction time and coordination?  

Are you looking to build functional speed? Functional speed in the context of this article is a fancy way of saying running fast with precision and confidence. We all have wanted to be fast a one time or another and that mindset has certainly not changed in today’s competing athletes. I have spent my entire career working with athletes at all levels of competition to enhance their athleticism and functional speed development. The two main things that most all of these athletes have in common is that they want to be strong and they want to be fast!

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