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I recognize that there are many misconceptions about fitness, strength training, weight-loss, and working out! Because of all of these false beliefs I have the following 10 fitness commandments that you should follow and can certainly believe in!

  1. Thou shall not whine! “Its ok to grunt in pain, but if you are going to cry about training then go join a bridge club!”

  2. Thou shall not use the excuse of not having equipment as a means to not train for mastery! “Equipment is a great asset, but it is not necessary. Using your own body resistance can get you fitter, stronger, and leaner quicker than any bicep curl or leg extension machine!”

  3. Thou shall not be afraid of increasing your perceived level of exertion! “Yes, this is a big one. There have been many times that people have asked me, what is the quickest way to lose weight? Well to me the answer is obvious, the more you increase your heart rate, sweat, and stay out of breath for the duration of the workout the better!”

  4. Thou shall not think that just because a power gym is not available for a workout that obtaining strength is not possible! “Oh this one is very true. I have to remind people, especially athletes, that tremendous strength gains can be obtained not only by lifting heavy weights, but utilizing body resistance and the infamous kettlebells as great tools to apply tension to the body. Remember the true definition of strength is the body’s ability to produce tension and to create force at a given velocity!”

  5. Thou shall not be afraid to get stronger thinking that it may make you look like the Hulk! “Oh yes, women need to listen to this one. Strength training does not mean that you are bodybuilding. Training your body is like working on anything else. It will return to you what you put into it! For example, if you want to sit around all day and eat Twinkies then your body will have a certain look. If you train it for size characteristics then you will get size characteristics. If you train it for weight loss then you will lose weight!”

  6. Thou shall not fail to participate in intense exercises because of a lack of knowledge in technique and proper form. “If you don’t know how to do something that you know works in an effective fitness and strength training program then find out. This is exactly why I have provided this website which, along with being one of my Elite members, is chock full of information to help you with this very issue!

  7. Thou shall not think you get a pass on training hard in the off-season if you are an athlete that believes talent alone will get you to the top. “If you are an athlete or a very good athlete talent alone is not enough. Remember friends, good athletes are born, but great ones are built!”

  8. Thou shall not forget that when training properly you can train the same muscles every day as long as the regimen is varied. “Yes, it’s true you can do the same exercises 3 or 4 times a week as long as the muscle isn’t trained to failure and the volume of the workout is varied!”

  9. Thou shall not forget that strength, fitness, and getting in shape is really a continuing venture of practice. “To succeed at any task you have to perfectly and repetitively practice that task.”

  10. Thou shall “Finish the Drill!” “This is my favorite one because this is the University of Georgia Football credo. Don’t skip any sets, reps, or training sessions that you can help. If you do then you are not going to succeed in obtaining any of your goals. Finish the Drill or your fitness, weight-loss, and strength goals will BE finished!”








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