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Let me ask you a few questions?

  • Are you sick and tired of seeing other people pass you by on the field of play?
  • Are you sick and tired of NOT being as athletic as your peers?
  • Are you sick and tired of feeling like you are always being “one upped” during athletic competition?
  • Are you sick and tired of having a lack of strength, speed, and stamina?
  • Are you sick and tired of not having the confidence you need to perform in an athletic environment?
  • Are you sick and tired of your current level of fitness?

As A Solution…

The point is that if you answered YES to any of these questions then I have the solution for you right here my friend. Give me a chance and let me fill you in on what this killer ebook is all about. You see several months back I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow strength coach that just happened to be running into the same issues as myself with folks interested in developing more skills in strength with kettlebells, as well as, having an interest in athletic performance development (speed, agility, power, etc.).

Just to give you a little background this coach’s name is Brad McLeod. Brad is a former SEAL Team 4 Operator and Certified Crossfit Strength Coach. Given Brad’s background along with my background as a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and having had the work experience as a strength and conditioning assistant with UGA for the football program we decided that we could put together a very effective training program to meet the needs of competitors like yourself.

Between the 2 of us we’ve probably got over 40 years of experience invested into 2 lifetimes of fitness along with just being a couple of hard nosed competitors. We put our heads together on this one and formulated a nice blend of the variety and tempo that CrossFit has to offer along with my strength and athletic performance history that is over 12 years in the making!

Together as strength coaches we make up an explosive combination to help you level up your physical prowess. The planning, coaching, and development of this ebook actually came from a clinic that Brad and myself planned and executed right in his gym located in Sandy Springs Georgia back on June, 8 of 2013. We wanted to share with you what you didn’t get at the clinic if you were not fortunate enough to make it.  

Make no mistake this is a comprehensive plan that both Brad and myself worked together on to develop your needs as an athlete for almost any given athletic and physically demanding scenario. The point of this document is to help you to get to that next level of training. This book is filled with the details of a very intelligent and well thought out strength and conditioning plan that covers the following:

Here’s what you can expect from the Kettlebell Power And Speed Formula Ebook: 

  • Dynamic Stretching
  • Dynamic Warm Up
  • Dynamic Strength
  • The Athletic Kettlebell Swing Technique
  • The Kettlebell Turkish Get Up Technique
  • The Rules Of Running/Sprinting
  • Linear Speed Development Drills
  • Lateral Speed Development Drills
  • Explosive Leg Power Drills
  • An Elite Level Of Conditioning PLUS…

You will also get over 19 minutes of INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO footage and a detailed glossary to clarify training terminology. Oh wait, just recently Brad shot me an email asking me to add on 20 additional workouts to the current 10 workouts to kick your Kettlebell Power And Speed Formula off with a GREAT START!

It doesn’t end there either! He also included a FREE INTERVIEW at the end to get you inside the mind of a hardened Navy SEAL warrior. Trust me, I’ve always considered myself to be pretty tough mentally, but I’ve felt like a rookie and  learned a ton from Brad who is a true Pro’s Pro in the mental toughness arena. Believe me on that! 

That’s right, I’ll be right here with you every step of the way both within the product itself and if you ever have any questions.  The good news is that the chances are you won’t because the strength and conditioning plan that Brad and myself  have mapped out here for you was designed in such a way that it is very practical, sensible, and easy to follow! It’s a terrific guide for giving you the breakdown on everything you need in order to master the techniques of the given kettlebell lifts along with the speed, agility, and power drills that follow. 

Stop wasting your time and start learning how to efficiently build an athletically fit body that can withstand the rigors of most any physical or athletic scenario! I’ll give you my word as a professional strength and conditioning coach that this program is solid for your athletic performance development and WILL improve your strength, speed, agility, and overall conditioning! 

If this plan doesn’t supercharge your physical prowess I’ll personally grant you a 100% refund with no questions asked. As a stand up guy and serious strength coach you can rest assured that I will do right by you with this product! I want you to succeed and I will take good care of you my friend! 



***FREE GIFT #1***

That’s right, I’m not finished because I’m going to help you out by offering you up to 30 DAYS OF FREE COACHING!!! Yes, you read that right! Since this may all be a new experience for you I still want to put your mind at ease by offering tremendous value to you by giving you up to 30 days of free coaching. If you have any questions about the program all you have to do is email me with any of your questions and I will coach you up. That’s right, I’ll coach you right through the process. I will respond to your emails within 48 regular working business hours for up to 30 days from the purchase date of the product. You can’t beat FREE coaching like this my friend. 

***FREE GIFT #2***


That’s right, I’ve recently updated to a BRAND NEW VERSION of my push up guide the 10 Step Method To Strength: Mastering The One Arm One Legged Push Up! This is a 6 page guide that walks you through step by step on how to not only progress your standard 2 arm push ups, but how to go about mastering the one arm one legged push up! It’s completely updated content for helping you to develop superior dynamic core strength! 

***FREE GIFT #3***


You will also receive a FREE copy of my Metabolic Enhancer Power Nutrition Guide! This is a complete 11 page document breaking down the rules of nutrition along with a table explaining how you can scale the nutritional guidelines to support your physical needs. Whether your goal is to pack on layers of muscle, or to be lean, fit, and hard this guide can walk you through the common sense easy to apply process of obtaining those very goals. You can’t out train a bad diet my friend! 

The Big Breakdown…

I. 30 Day FREE Coaching Add On-Original Value Of $250Included Here For FREE

II. 10 Step Method To Strength: Mastering The One Arm One Legged Push Up-Original Value $10Included Here For FREE

III. Metabolic Enhancer Power Nutrition Guide-Original Value Of $20Included Here For FREE

Also Don’t Forget About This Within The Ebook Itself…

Included Interview And Life Perspective With A Hardened Navy SEAL Warrior Brad McLeod-Original Value Of Priceless…Included Here For FREE

PRICE: $97

>>>NOW JUST: $29<<<




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This document is a PDF with interactive video and will be sent to the email address you provide upon purchase. All the email links will be sent to you to download. The download process should be rather immediate. In order to access any of the links and videos that are included your device must be connected to the internet. If you have any questions you can email me at Good luck and remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart! 

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